Q: How can I make payment?
A: We accept payments via cash, cheque and bank transfer.

Q: Will I get recommendations via SMS or by E-Mail?
A: We will send notifications through SMS and yahoo messenger if you subscribe.

Q: Where should i inform after payment. And what details i need to send?
A: You should send your payment details to email  contact@bigpofitbuzz.com  Please mention the following:
Name, Mobile No, City, Email Id, Amount, Package, Mode of Payment (to start receiving calls):

Q: Can I do online trading on your website?
A: No, our website is for recommendations only.

Q: What is your success rate?
A: Our success rate is around 80% to 85%, as uncertainty is also a part of stock market.

Q: Do you give Intraday calls?
A: Yes, we give Intraday calls too in our Nifty Options package.

Q: Do you give tips in live market or before market?
A: All Tips are given after Market opening only. No pre market call.

Q: Do you track the tips or not that you give?
A: Yes we continue to track all open position.

Q: Do you give recommendations with fundamental or technical research?
A: We recommend stocks after technical research.

Q: Do you give stop loss or not?
A: Yes, we are giving stop loss with every stock recommended by us.

Q: IF I have some query then can I call or sms?
A: Yes you can call us or sms us.

Q: I am not in INDIA can I avail your service?
A: Sure, you can!

Q: When you send SMS for opening a position, do you give TARGET and STOP LOSS at the same time? OR afterwards
A: We give all calls with stop loss and target and stop loss and target are given in same SMS after that we track the open position.

Q: Are subscription charges negotiable?
A: No all subscription rates mentioned on site is final.

Q: When will my subscription come into effect? I mean , from 1st of month, or from the day of subscription , or depends on expiry of contract?
A: Subscription is Date to Date basis. Like if you subscribe on 7th of June then subscription will be counted from 7th of June and will continue till 7 July. You can subscribe from any date. A period of 30 day from the date of payment is counted as a subscription month.

Q: Do I need to open Demat and trading account with you or I can trade in my existing account?
A: We do not offer any type of Demat and Trading account service. You can trade with your existing broker or with any broker you prefer.

Q: My service not activated even after 48 hours of payment what should I do?
A: There may be various reasons behind this delay but better is if service is not activated in 48 hours then you
contact us over the phone for the activation and send an email with the payment details.

Q: Is it possible to change mobile number in the middle of month or any time during subscription period?
A: Yes you are allowed to change mobile number during subscription period.

Q: I have suggestions to make site more user friendly and better where should I contact?
A: If you have any kind of suggestion to make site and service better then send us details immediately on email
on our help desk email id. contact@bigprofitbuzz.com  we always welcome your valuable feedback and suggestions and according to that we try to make service better.

Q: If I have any more question out of this help database then where should i contact?
A: Send email to contact@bigprofitbuzz.com

Q: Do you offer any money-back guarantee? Or can I leave the package mid-way?
A: We DO NOT provide any money-back guarantee. If you have any doubt, please try our trial period which is free of cost.

Subscription fee once paid, is non-refundable.

Q: Can I come and meet you?
A: We do not entertain any meetings because during market hours we are busy tracking the market and calls and after that we want to spend our time researching. However, you can call us and email us anytime and we will be glad to assist you.

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