SEBI Regn.No.INH100002961

Option Profit Buzz Aug 2012

DateBuy/SellScript SymbolPriceStop LossTargetPeriodRemarkProfit/Loss (2 Lot)
3/8/2012BuySBIN 2000 CE AugAround 63-654390-110Intraday1st Target Done6250
6/8/2012BuySBIN 2100 CE AugAround 42-442570-90BTSTBook Profit at 59-614750
7/8/2012BuyAXISBANK 1100 CE AugAround 26-281840-50BTSTBook Profit at 33-354500
8/8/2012BuyTATASTEEL 420 CEAround 9-10.50515-18BTSTStoploss Hit4000
9/8/2012BuySBIN 2100 PE AugAround 78-8060120-135IntradayLevel not Intiated0
9/8/2012BuySBIN 2000 PE AugAround 53-553875-85IntradayBoth Target Done8000
10/8/2012BuyLT 1400 CE AugAround 33-352645-55Intraday1st Target Done6000
13/8/2012BuyRELINFRA 520 CE AugAround 8-104.515-20IntradayBoth Target Done12000
14/8/2012BuySBIN 1900 CE AugAround 44-462870-90IntradayBuying not Initiated0
16/8/2012BuyICICIBANK 960 CE AugAround 23-251835-40IntradayBook at 31-332500
16/8/2012BuyICICIBANK 960 CE AugAround 19-211428-32IntradayExit Cost to Cost0
17/8/2012BuySBIN 1900 CE AugAround 40-422670-90IntradayExit in Loss500
17/8/2012BuyLT 1450 CE AugAround 26-281750-60IntradayBook Profit at 33-352500
23/8/2012BuyRELIANCE 800 CE AugAround 13-15822-28IntradayStoploss Hit5000
24/8/2012BuyLT 1400 PE AugAround 7-9420-25IntradayBook Profit at 12-142000
27/8/2012BuyICICIBANK 940 CE AugAround 10-12520-25IntradayExit Cost to Cost0
28/8/2012BuyLT 1400 PE AugAround 22-231035-40IntradayBoth Target Done9000
29/8/2012BuyAXISBANK 1020 PE AugAround 6-8118-25IntradayBook Profit at 11-132500
29/8/2012BuyLT 1350 CE AugAround 11-13525-30IntradayBook Profit at 18-203500
30/8/2012BuyLT 1350 PE SeptAround 38-403255-60IntradayExit Cost to Cost0
31/8/2012BuySBIN 1800 CE SeptAround 80-8265102-110Intraday1st Target Done4500
Total Profit after deducting Loss Rs68,000
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