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Jackpot/Premium Tips Result April 2019

DateBUY/SELLScript SymbolPriceStop LossTargetPeriodRemarksProfit/Loss 500/Share & per 2 Lot
1/4/2019SellSOBHA EQAround 513519503IntradayBook 50% Profit at 5101500
2/4/2019SellEXIDEIND EQAround 216208208IntradayBook 100% Profit at 215500
3/4/2019SellTATASTEEL EQAround 546551536IntradayBook 50% Profit at 541.502075
4/4/2019SellTATASTEEL EQAround 530534520IntradayStop Loss Hit-2000
5/4/2019SellBHARTIARTL EQAround 356361346IntradayExit Cost to Cost0
8/4/2019SellINFY EQAround 759763748IntradayStop Loss Hit-2000
9/4/2019SellIGL EQAround 311315303IntradayExit Cost to Cost0
10/4/2019SellTATACHEM EQAround 611615601IntradayBook 50% Profit at 6062500
12/4/2019SellAUROPHARMA EQAround 775780765IntradayExit in Loss at 377-1000
15/4/2019BuyPIDILITIND EQAround 130312971330IntradayBook 50% Profit at 13103000
16/4/2019BuyCOALINDIA EQAround 250246260IntradayBook 50% Profit at 2531500
18/4/2019SellICICIBANK EQAround 405409395IntradayStop Loss Hit-2000
22/4/2019SellAPOLLOTYRE EQAround 214217.7205IntradayBook 100% Profit at 208-2102000
23/4/2019SellHINDPETRO EQAround 249249242IntradayStop Loss Hit-2500
24/4/2019SellAMARAJABAT EQAround 677682667IntradayBook 50% Profit at 6732000
25/4/2019SellTECHM EQAround 820825810IntradayExit in Loss at 822-823-1000
1/4/2019BuyLICHSGFIN FOAround 540536550IntradayBook 50% Profit at 5447150
2/4/2019BuySUNTV FOAround 627624637IntradayTarget Done18600
3/4/2019SellTECHM FOAround 788792778IntradayBook 100% Profit at 78312000
4/4/2019SellUPL FOAround 917921902IntradayStop Loss Hit-9600
4/4/2019SellSUNTV FOAround 633638623IntradayBook 50% Profit at 6306000
5/4/2019SellSTAR FOAround 498504482IntradayBook 50% Profit at 4956600
8/4/2019SellHAVELLS FOAround 768773758IntradayBook 50% Profit at 7648000
9/4/2019SellCENTURYTEX FOAround 885893865IntradayBook 50% Profit at 8814800
10/4/2019SellTATACOMM FOAround 588.50591.5577IntradayBook 50% Profit at 58310300
11/4/2019Sell SUNTV FOAround 600605588IntradayStop Loss Hit-10000
12/4/2019SellBPCL FOAround 365369355IntradayBook 100% Profit at 36114400
15/4/2019SellTATASTEEL FOAround 548553538IntradayStop Loss Hit-10610
16/4/2019BuyHAVELLS FOAround 756752766IntradayBook 100% Profit at 7608000
18/4/2019SellM&MFIN FOAround 420423406IntradayBook 50% Profit at 4185000
22/4/2019SellESCORTS FOAround 762767748IntradayBook 100% Profit at 75515400
23/4/2019SellGRASIM FOAround 863868853IntradayStop Loss Hit-7500
24/4/2019SellIBULHSGFIN FOAround 742747732IntradayStop Loss Hit-2500
25/4/2019SellBPCL FOAround 358362348IntradayExit in Loss at 360-7200
Net Profit after deducting loss73415
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